Crisis Pregnancy Centre

What We Do

We care, listen and inform. All our services are confidential and free of charge

Pregnancy Support

We offer pregnancy testing, ultrasound and HIV testing. We provide education and confidential assistance in a compassionate environment for our clients to make an informed decision about their developing baby, as well as practical and emotional support to impoverished mothers who decide to parent their babies.


Your Options

One of our volunteers will speak to you and provide you with information on adoption, parenting and abortion.

Please contact us to discuss these options and their consquences in a confidential and caring environment.


How To Get Help

Our doors are open to any woman in need, it doesn't matter where you are from or how far pregnant you are. Contact our Hope Centre to schedule an appointment with one of our counsellors or volunteers. You're welcome to walk in for an appointment as well.


Pregnant - Confused - Overwhelmed?

You do have options! You are not alone, we are here for you

Learn about the options and how we will support you

Partnering with Us

As we head into the future, we trust that you will be blessed as you partner with us to make a change, so others may have Hope and a Future!

Hope Ithemba Fundraising

There are different ways to partner with us in our quest to support moms and babies in distress

Our fundraising is divided into:

Hospital Packs
Hope Bags
Specialised Medical Supplies

Regular Supplies
Wish list on Request
Operating Costs
Financial Contribution


Hope Ithemba Partners

A huge thank you to all our partners for your continued support

Contact Us

Contact Hope Ithemba if you would like to partner with us.