Adoption is a Wonderful Alternative


Hope Ithemba works with adoption agencies to get a safe home for your baby

This is a wonderful alternative to consider if you are unable to parent a baby. For various reasons, many couples are unable to have a baby of their own, and adoption gives them the opportunity to experience all of the really wonderful joys of parenthood. These couples are very carefully screened and you can rest assured that your baby will be loved and well cared for.

We do not perform abortions or arrange adoptions, but we do work with child welfare and other adoption agencies should the mother decide on adoption as an alternative.

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Types of Adoption

There are various types of adoption for you to consider

Closed Adoption

The most common type of adoption, and also the most preferred method leading to the least amount of heartache and is often the best option for all concerned. Although she may be seen and counselled by social workers/adoption agency prior to the birth of the baby, the legal documents may not be signed prior to the birth of the baby, affording the mom time to rethink her decision without any legal ramifications. Often one's circumstances change as time passes and this gives the biological mother an opportunity to rethink her position.
The biological mother does not know who the adoptive parents are. Once the baby has been born the legal documents are signed giving her permission for the baby to be adopted. There is then a period of sixty (60) days during which time the biological mother may change her mind and keep the baby should she so wish. However (once the documents have been signed) she would have to prove that she is indeed able to care for the baby, and that it is in the best interest of the baby.

Open Adoption

In this case the biological mother knows, and often chooses, the adoptive parents. As for closed adoption, she has a period of 60 days whereby she may reconsider should she so wish. Once the adoption process has gone through, the mom becomes like an aunt.
There are many benefits to open adoption. The birthparents feel at peace and ongoing contact through the years enables them to get closure and confirm that they made the best decision for their child. The adoptive parents feel chosen and entitled to parent their child. The child benefits most of all because they know where they came from and where they belong. They also have access to information about their birthparents including cultural and medical history.


This is a very temporary solution to the problem one has of not being able to care for your baby. The baby is placed with a "Foster" family. The period in which the mother would have to "claim" the baby back varies according to the age of the baby – the younger the child, the shorter the time in which she would have to prove that she is the better mother and apply to have her child returned to her.

Place of Safety

This is often a better option as sometimes both the mother and baby (and sometimes other siblings also) are taken in by a family or a place where they may be looked after for a limited time. As this is not a legal process and no documents are signed, it is a better temporary arrangement and affords the mother some time to make up her mind according to her situation. She then has the opportunity to give up the child for adoption or fostering, or else to parent the child herself.

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