Crisis Pregnancy Centre

What we Offer

Pregnancy Testing, Option & Lifestyle Counselling, Practical Support & Post Abortion Counselling

All our services are offered free of charge. We provide information on options available in order to help our clients explore all of their options, including adoption, abortion, parenting in a compassionate and non-judgemental environment so as to enable our clients to make an informed decision about their developing baby, the stages of pregnancy, as well as offering practical and emotional support.

We offer Pregnancy Testing, Limited Ultrasounds and HIV Testing. We do not perform abortions or arrange adoptions, but we do offer Adoption Referrals and work together with child welfare and other adoption agencies should the mother decide on adoption as an alternative.

Some of our clients are teenage girls still at school who do not know where to turn for help, some having been turned away from the family home by their parents. Many are single women who have been deserted by their partners, either because they do not wish to accept the responsibility or because they are unemployed. We have therefore included lifestyle counselling as an important part of our objectives and ministry.

Due to the great need we have identified, we have started an Earn While You Learn programme which offers training on pregnancy, parenting and various other important issues. The women earn 'Baby Bucks' which may be exchanged for practical support providing food parcels for pregnant and impoverished mothers who decide to parent their babies, as well as baby care items.

We offer Post Abortion Support to those who have undergone an abortion in the past and are experiencing emotional symptoms such as anxiety, isolation, worry, anger, etc. and need someone to talk to in a confidential environment. We have trained client advocates who will provide support and help clients walk through their experience, thoughts and feelings.

Partnering with Us

As we head into the future, we trust that you will be blessed as you partner with us to make a change, so others may have Hope and a Future!


Volunteers & Client Advocates

Without our dedicated volunteers we would not be able to support the ladies in need

Volunteers counsel, do sonars, HIV testing, sort donated clothing into age appropriate sizes as well as organize the food pantry.

All of our counsellors attend a counselling course that covers many elements including communication skills and crisis intervention.

Each counsellor is screened and trained in accredited courses. They are specifically trained to do HIV testing and counselling. These volunteers are part of a morning and afternoon rotation schedule each week.

Most of the ladies who come to Hope need some sort of counselling. If you are able and willing to take a weekly time slot to counsel, please contact us for the next training course details.